.. getting ready to go

First there was the hassle with the jags.. missed deadlines and panic over whether certain vaccines would be available.   In the end I have to get my third dose of Jap Encephalitis, Rabies and HepA/B over there. Dr Mullen’s cheery farewell was ‘until you get your third rabies, don’t pat anything hairy with teeth!’ – apparently monkeys are major carriers of rabies, not just dogs!

Then there was the hassle with my knee – what a drag, in more ways than one.  I really thought it might not recover after the problems I have had this summer.   By the time of the second residential course in Birmingham, I was reduced to taking stairs two feet onto one step and shuffling one foot in front of the other in order to move from A to B.  Going up to Anna’ flat from Waverley the night before, I had to weave through the festival revellers with my heavy bags .. I was really struggling.  Any kind of twisty lateral movement was sore.  But I made it and healing is beginning again.. whether it is going to leave damaged scar tissue as the last time I will have to wait and see.

Then there’s been all the things I thought I would have time to do over the summer – house repairs, garden, visits, Adam’s wedding (very nice – here are a couple of photos:

Adam and Lisa

The Wedding

Then there was the book I had promised Dunedin on ‘values in leadership’, a successsion of articles I had drafted in my head on Scottish education.. oh and a few hundred books to read besides…. but it was never going to happen.  I bowed to the inevitable and started pulling back from things last week.. so the final week has been pretty good:

There’s been a lot of preparation,with my daily dose of Khmer, the various online materials and all the reading for Cambodia.  In among times, I have made time for saying ‘bye for now’: meal out with the Riverside boys / Jim and John on Wed; meal out with the Lornshill senior team Friday; meal out at Anna’s Saturday;  friends round for drinks Sunday;  day in Glasgow with Joan Monday.  We went to see the Glasgow Boys exhibition – I really enjoyed it (http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/our-museums/kelvingrove/whats-on/exhibitions/glasgow-boys/Pages/default.aspx )

I also took some photos on my VADO to show people over there something of our capital city Edinburgh at festival time.  Here’s a typical street entertainment – these dancers from Zimbabwe are trying to generate a bit more custom for their show:


Joan was enjoying herself wandering around the centre of Edinburgh as you can see here:


I’ll be taking little Leinad here with me to Cambodia.  He’s a cute little guy and he’s much more scared than I am of the flight.

He’ll have his own column on the blog, I hope.. just need to wait and see what’s possible.  I don’t know if there’s enough of the kind of food a Lion needs out there.   He types really slowly and tells me that his contributions will be short and to the point, unlike mine!


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