Wat Nokor

There are several sites to see around Kampong Cham (today – Sunday – the more mature members of the group are taking a ‘tuk tuk’ tour from Kg Cham to a neighbouring rubber plantation and to see some ancient Buddhist sites on the other side of the river, while the younger ones are cycling from here to the rubber factory (20km).  However I don’t think any of them can beat Wat Nokor, which is a (admittedly tiny) version of Angkor Wat, which we visited after class during the week.  It consists of a large area of 11th Century ruins, with more recent pagodas, added since the civil war ended.  There is some traditional dancing takes place there in the evenings sometimes and I am to see that before leaving.  The few photos here should give an idea of its size, but I think you have to enter the temple to experience its profound stillness and quiet.

Double click on the photos to see themin a more visually friendly format.

entrance view - the light which can be seen through the narrow doorway is a large candle in front of the Buddha

ancient tree - several are planted around the site - this one near the main entrance

at right angles from the main entrance are subsidiary entrances to the main temple, with a view of the Buddha through the gates at each side

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