Views from the bus

Just a couple of little videos from the bus windows… gives a taste of countryside and small town scenes.

PS this the main highway north from Phonm Penh – call it the M1 of Cambodia!


4 thoughts on “Views from the bus

  1. Hi Danny
    Finally had time to catch up with your blog -wow, this is going to be fantastically illuminating – I’ve learnt so much already. Will try to keep up to date and in touch. Loved the bus ride!
    Take care of the knee

  2. Fascinating – love it for the details of roadside life. Strongly reminds me of the rural Philippines in the 80s… the sense of ordered chaos everywhere in the town scene.

  3. Hi Danny. Glad you`re getting your domestic arrangements sorted out. It sounds as if you`ve teamed up with an interesting cross-section of people with different backgrounds and different expectations, but I`m sure you`ll manage to sort out what`s important for you to do in the time available.
    Last Friday night was the farewell `do` for Russell and Karen, and I thought you might appreciate a wee update on how things are going at Lornshill. You will, no doubt, know that Jackie failed to make the short leet as your full-time replacement, and that the school are pretty shattered on her behalf. The shock has been eased for her a bit by the large amount of support for her, and by the many kind comments she has received: and she – superficially at least – is remaining calm and philosophical about it. Ewan didn`t make the short leet either, but I suppose that was less of a surprise.
    Friday night was a great night for Russell and Karen, and huhe numbers of now retired teachers turned up to honour their contributions to the school. I wrote the blurb on the programme about about R, and Danny McLure gave the speech – including some embarrassing pictures of him from his younger years (much the same as the ones which Joan supplied for your farewell!). It was a great idea to have Russell`s family there too. Jackie spoke very well (and very movingly) about Karen`s enormous contribution to the administration and ethos of the school, and Karen was at pains to point out that it was she who had been the lucky one working at somewhere like Lornshill. She said she misses the staff, but she doesn`t miss the work and the worry at all: what a surprise!
    It will be interesting to see what happens about your replacement – particularly as the decision-making individuals in charge at Clacks seem not to inspire confidence at the moment.
    Meanwhile, I`m dodging away. We had rising damp in the house (partly a result of new houses being built further up the hill?) which is being dealt with as I write (dust everywhere in the house!) and are about to get a new kitchen built out the front of the house. I ask myself why, now that we don`t really need it, but Hazel is determined that this is how she wants to spend her lump sum. As you will appreciate, this amounts to `no contest!` Hopefully this will be finished by the time you come home!
    Anyway, that`s all for now. I`m enjoying your blog: it`s good to be reminded of the realities of life in other parts of the world. I hope the warm weather is good for your knees!
    Kindest regards.


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