My bike ride to school in Kg Cham

Here’s a little (to reduce upload time!) extract from my journey to my Khmer language lessons on my rather rickety bike (you may hear the bell tinging each time the bike judders!).   First I cycle by the river – it’s quiet during the day but at twilight through till around 8.00 it gets very busy with lots of young people who come to do the most amazing community line dancing (I don’t think it would come out on video as it’s so dark)- except line dancing doesn’t really give you the right idea as it’s obviously a very cool thing to do.  After the bridge, there’s a couple of landing points (just a slope) for local ferries which a few fruit stalls etc around, then a large Buddhist pagoda, before turning inland through a mix of little shops and stalls leading towards on towards the school.   It’s a very nice way to start the day.. so interesting to see how busy the place is, as so much of the lives of people here are out in the open.   8.00 in the morning is pretty busy as most people rise at 6.00 or earlier when it gets light and by 7.00 the  town is as busy as it’s going to get.


3 thoughts on “My bike ride to school in Kg Cham

  1. Good grief! how did you manage to cycle and film at the same time – where was the camera??
    Apart from my fear that you would hit the lorry it seems like a lovely way to start the day.

  2. Aw, hang on in there dad!

    We’re all thinking of you – and if it makes it any easier this morning I got soaked (the dirt of London leaves stains on your face when it rains) and had two vans pulled out infront of me and a bendy bus cut me up.

    We had someone here for an interview a few weeks ago who had been cycling along and a group of school kids through an egg at her – she had a massive shiner!

    Life over here can be rubbish too!


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