Witness to an accident

I saw my first semi-seious accident today – someone did not just walk away afterwards.  It wasn’t fatal, but it wasn’t good.  A busy stream of about ten abreast nose to tail motorobikes was coming up the boulevard just at the river at twilight, with a big black 4×4 trying to bully its way through them – often it is the other way round with bikes swarming like hornets among the 4x4s, which may be trapped because of other 4x4s ahead of them, but in this case it was all bikes.. anyway, obviously the 4×4 came too close to a scooter with three girls on it – they looked early 20s.  They were knocked sideways and skidded along the road under then off the scooter for maybe 25 meteres.. saved from more damage really because even the 4×4 couldn’t have been doing more than 20.  The 4×4 carried on regardless.  Two of the girls helped the third girl to the side of the road and a number of people on bikes stopped to help.   The injured girl wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry but within thirty seconds the road was back to its busy best and they could not be seen through the traffic.

This is one of the roads, at one of the times, where I would never ride a bike!!


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