can you find me?

Here are the directions to my place… you will get a nice satellite view!!

Go to Google Maps and type in Sangkat Chaktomuk, Phonm Penh, Cambodia.

This will take you to a satellite picture on which you can see the Independence Monument.  Centre on it and go in a bit closer then you will see the Phillipines Embassy. Centre on it and go in a bit closer and you will see that it is on a crossroads.   Go east from that crossroads on the street called something like Chrun Yon Hak.. this is my street (294), but if you look carefully at maximum magnification,  you may see a little lane going down to the south about 10m east of the crossroads.  There is a square white roof about 15m down the lane.  This is my lane!!  The house I am in is near the bottom, on the west (right hand side as you walk south), with a red roof, set back a little more than the neighbouring houses.  You may make out a few trees down there.

Here are some locational photos at ‘street view’ level.

View from the verandah 1

the gate into the yard

view from gate up to verandah

looking up the lane to Street 294

I don’t think the street view cameras can get down there.. one of the advantages is that it is too narrow for cars.   These were all taken at lazy Sunday siesta time when the only people out are made Europeans, tuk tuk drivers looking for mad Europeans and the occasional collector of plastic bottles etc  (you may see and hear a wee guy with a squeaky horn  on the video).

view from the crossroads up Street 29:

view of the crossroads (note the motorbike coming out of my lane!)


3 thoughts on “can you find me?

  1. Hi Danny
    Good to see your appartment and snippets of cambodia -love the verdant greenery which must be cooling in the heat.
    Thanks for sharing your experience through your blog – gives a sense of world connection!
    Take care

  2. these pictures are great, specially the verandah – really get a sense of where you’re living – looking forward to seeing it in the flesh in December

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