An evening stroll in PP

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It’s been a while since anything appeared on the blog as I’ve been writing so (too!) much for work.   So tonight I took my little Vado Camera out for a walk and there’s some little vids of scenes down my street, including some awful shots of me close up, showing that the humour bypass worked only too well!!

Introducing the walk:

Opposite my lane there are a couple of legal firms.  Before I leave I am going to creep out in the middle of the night and after the word Associates, insert the following:  , Cream and Currant.

Street 19.. I’m told that there are a lot of UN and contract staff hang out in the appartment blocks up there.  I’m also told they have a swimming pool on the roof.  I believe it, even though I haven’t seen it.  It’s a swanky looking place.  But in this city of contrast and paradox, you don’t have to go very far to get to some really down at heel looking slums that run on down for another half mile or so at right angles to my street….

you can feel that change as you get to street 9 (which comes immediately after street 19!).  All streets in PP are odd nos. (if they run north to south) or even numbers (east to west).  However the people who gave the streets numbers probably thought that someone would put more streets in between so they don’t really follow much of a logical order.  At least there are a lot of numbers without streets, in case they do get around to using them.

I wanted to get a shot of the market, but chose the wrong time (end of the day when everyone is packing up).  However the reason for this choice is that I don’t like filming people .. it seems like an of privacy,  Not very consistent is it?  Either I should do it properly or not at all instead of this uneasy compromise.. but anyway you get something of an impression of Psar (market) Kapko, outside and inside, in these two shots – the mix of hairdressers, meat sellers, fish stalls,veg stalls etc…  I couldn’t put the smell on camera however!

After this, I went off for my usual twilight walk and thought I would cheer you up with this shot of the evening exercise team moving to the music. I am sorry to report that the music did not come through.  I could have made it a long enough shot for you to join in, if it had.  As it is you’ll have to be content with the vid:

I’m off to Siem Reap for a conference at 6.30 tomorrow, but I won’t be visiting any temples. It’s strictly work only!


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