Two days to go….

.. . and counting.

Joan negotiated the first part of her journey (Edinburgh to London) by taking an extra couple of days extra holiday (nice one) and flying to London on Tuesday, in case of any problems with the flight she had booked for Thursday.  The team head off to Stansted early morning tomorrow for their KL flight, then hang about in KL (Christmas lunch at the airport anyone?) before flying to Phonm Penh late afternoon. I will be with them all the way.

I have suddenly hit a flat spot at work. I was supposed to be doing some detailed video editing today, but my partner at the Open Institute cancelled and so I am just ‘tidying up’ some bits and pieces and reviewing the existing dvd material to make my selections of ‘best shots’ for the edit.

I have recently completed the first two of what I hope will be a couple of ‘letters from Cambodia’ which I am going to try to place in the educational press. I’ve posted the first one in the ‘page’ of the same name that you can find by clicking the link at the top of the blog.
PS the views in this blog have nothing to do with VSO as an organisation etc..  I made it all up myself.  See usual waiver by clicking on link above.


One thought on “Two days to go….

  1. So glad I came to London early as there are still people stranded at airports in UK trying to get to their families for Christmas. There were several dutch people on my flight who had been trying to get out of Edinburgh for 3 days.
    Hard to believe that I’ll be in Cambodia in 2 days – also going from minus 10 to plus 30 will be a real shock to the system!

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