What’s been happening on the building site?

.. well I know how much you’ve been waiting for this update, but sad to say the answer is ‘not very much’ …  (you can see what it was like before by going to a post in early November using the navigation buttons to the right….)

There’s been a motley squad of about 16 workers, some women, some men, doing lots of finicky work to develop the framework that they have created on top of the pillars.  Clearly the Ministry isn’t too fussed about when the building is ready.   I wouldn’t mind working in their team, apart from one or two issues:  there’s the obvious health and safety risks .. then there’s the low pay.. I accept there’s probably no security… and from the comings and goings different days I guess they’re probably hired and paid by the day….  and they have to work in the blazing sun… oh and they start early and finish late…  but apart from that (pause for breath), they have the same ethos that you see in the countryside.  No-one hurries.  All are graceful and poised in their movements.  They have a good laugh with each other about anything that’s going on.  They’re neat and precise in their work, with wood or metal.  I never yet heard a cross word.   It’s one way to build an office block, but not one I can see taking off in UK.   Today for the first time I saw someone who must be an architect or surveyor (more formal clothing) testing things out, so I guess we are getting ready for the next stage!

First they connected the pillars to each other with a wooden grid, then they strengthened the grid with wooden cross pieces, supported by Heath Robinson vertical scaffolding.  Next up they laid metal sheets across the frame and after that started putting together the intricate rectangular metal frame that sits on top, sitting above the pillars and supported by makeshift wooden trestles.  At the end of ths phase, they will knock away the trestles, drop the metal frame into the wooden framework and I think when they finish this, something really exciting will happen, like a big momma cement mixer will come in and suddenly we’ll see what all this framework has been for…. but I will not be here to see it!!  Anyway, here are the photos…

building site 24.11

building progress wb6.12.10 1

bulding progress wb6.12.10 2

building site 23.12 view 2

building site 23.12.10


4 thoughts on “What’s been happening on the building site?

  1. I think its a lovely way to build a building – reminds me of the Bayko building set I had as a child with all the rods and corner pieces.

  2. Uncle Daniel!!!! We are desperately trying to skype you today, grandma is raring to go! Whats your skype address? Mine is steph1484. Merry Christmas! Hope auntie joan and matthew and Beth arrived safe and sound.
    Your niece steph

    • Hi Steph
      sorry we couldn’t hook up.. the technology and the timing defeated us… but if we can do again or try again next time you are over in Edinburgh that would be fab!
      Love from….
      Unky D
      (that’s your sister’s moniker for me and I quite like it!!)

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