Three monks on a moto, four in a tuk tuk…

Now touring Cambodia with Joan, Beth, Matthew and Beth’s friend Jo.  It’s great to see the country through different eyes and we’ve done some fun things!  After a rather tired Christmas Day (they arrived at 4pm after 29 hours travel!), we took a Boxing Day tour of Phnom Penh, meeting volunteer friends and colleagues en route.   A very easy journey to Kampong Cham and a few relaxing beers on the river, then a tuk tuk tour of the surrounding area with Gideon, a driver whom I had made friends with when here before – we kept pretty close to the hotel, so that we could check on Joan during the day.  Unfortunately Joan had gone down with an awful 24 hour sickness bug so she saw more of the inside of the wee room than she did of Kampong Cham.

En route, we saw one monk having a fag, two monks under umbrellas, three on a moto (with the driver) and four in a tuk tuk.  If we see five today, we are definitely going to work up an alternative ‘twelve days of Christmas’!  We picked lotus flowers and harvested the seeds from the dried flower heads, chatted to a woman and her daughter as we tasted tamarind from her trees, visited a fishing village on stilts (all faithfully recorded by Matthew in his sketchbook, much to the amusement of the local kids).  In the afternoon, we visited Wat Nokor (see my Sept post for photos!!) and ‘Man and Woman Mountain’, really just small hills but with a great view of the surrounding flat countryside.   We finished off our tour with a visit to the bamboo bridge, built each year by the people of a large island in the Mekong when the river goes down at the end of the rainy season, then washed away when the rains come the following year.

The Lotus

Fields of Lotus Flowers

While Matthew was sketching, Gideon was explaining his take on Cambodian politics, and the fishermen were raising their nets to check on the morning catch.. it was a good moment.

Puppy Love

They may look cute but they parted Matthew from his chocolate money.. not an easy feat

Gideon doesn't convince us to eat grilled snake

The Buddhist Text library at Man/Woman Mountain

View from Woman Mountain

Beth and Jo enjoy the sunset at the 'bamboo bridge', Kampong Cham

crossing back over the bamboo bridge at sunset

Today we are planning to head off to Siem Reap, if Joan is up to it, and then to the temples of Angkor Wat.


4 thoughts on “Three monks on a moto, four in a tuk tuk…

  1. Merry Christmas all! Looks like you are having a great time with the possible exception of Joan. Hope you get well soon Joan! Danny, hope you are enjoying having some of the family with you for Christmas. The only day I felt truly homesick in New Zealand was on Christmas Eve so I think arranging for the family to visit at Christmas was a good plan! I’ve had a quiet festive season so far as have been laid low with a flu-type bug but hopefully am on the mend now! Happy new year to you all when it comes. Susie xx

    • Hey Susan
      thanks for this
      Joan’s illness held us up for a day only.. we are heading off to Siem Reap today but had a great extra day (that means everyone except Joan!!) yesterday as we did some further touring round Kg Cham… blog yet to be posted!
      hope you are recovered from the flu bug now….
      Unky D

  2. Glad everyone has arrived! Joan- hope you are ok now. Weather here is foggy, there is a lot of old dirty snow lying at the side of the road…. basically a very different and dreary scene compared to your lovely pictures! Enjoy your holiday, Lesley.

    • Hi Lesley
      yes Joan is fully recovered today.. although she is currently having a rather extended post-prandial nap, doubtless preparing herself for whatever New Year Party we end up at tonight. Siem Reap is very busy… and we’re not quite sure how to take it on, so we just hit the markets today. Hope you are all well and cosy and wishing you all the best for 2011!

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