Mary and Donald watch the world go by in Phnom Penh…

My cousin Mary and her husband Donald came to visit me in Phnom Penh this past weekend.  They had been on what sounded like a great cycling holiday in Lao with Red Spokes.  It’s the fifth tour they have done with them, which is quite a recommendation.   I really enjoyed seeing them, catching up on a bit of family stories and comparing notes on work and life choices.   They did a tuktuk tour of Phnom Penh on Saturday and we started Sunday with a swim at the VIP, my second home!

They also had a go at Dr Fish, something which I will not try again

Dr Fish at work

after 0.5 seconds with the soles of my feet being nibbled.  I believe people pay a lot of money for this in UK, but it’s free at the VIP… however, free or not, I won’t be doing it again, especially after picking up this story on the BBC website:  ‘Dr. Fish’.

We lounged about a bit on my verandah ate some really nice meals (thanks guys!), drank a few beers and sipped a very nice whisky they picked up for me in duty free!

M and D relaxing on verandah

On Sunday night,we strolled up by the river, enjoyed the antics of the aerobics groups (watching only – we did not join in!) and admired the balletic grace of the guys who kick the little feather shuttles around for entertainment:

Further upriver, we parked ourselves in a bar overlooking the riverside and watched the world go by.

Altogether a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  Mary and Donald are off to Siem Reap this week and then fly back home from Bangkok.   Bon Voyage and may you have many more great cycling holidays!


3 thoughts on “Mary and Donald watch the world go by in Phnom Penh…

  1. Oh – I feel quite homesick for Cambodia seeing these wee clips!

    Mind you I never did fancy the fish nibbling experience – it always seemed a bit gross.
    Also I assume those are not your feet, Danny, or have you started wearing nail polish??!!

    Joan x

  2. These men with the shuttlecock are amazing, what a great back flick! I bet it was great to be around family. no way would I do the fish – feet thing!

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