… lucky enough to grow up with the Beatles…

I was sending Joan an e.mail on Sunday evening and looking for a good way to sign off and ingratiate myself, when I had a brainwave and looked up the old Beatles song, ‘PS I Love You’ – this was the ‘B’ side of the single ‘Love Me Do’, their first UK hit in 1962 when I was about 10.   Here it is:

OK it’s romantic, some might say a bit soppy, but there’s something very appealing about it, even to a grumpy old cynic such as myself, particularly if it earns me a few much needed brownie points.  I also found that I developed an appetite to find more of the Beatles on #youtube#  and spent a pleasant hour and a half recovering songs which I had forgotten about but which formed an important part of the soundtrack of my teenage years.  They broke up when I was 18.  There’s so many to choose from but here are just another two from middle and late Beatles (since I already posted an ‘early’ one above)……one sung by John and one by George to balance out the one from Paul.  It seems you may have to click to link to YouTube to watch these.   In among the strange comments underneath these versions, it is amazing how many of those commenting express a view along the lines of:  ‘man, I wish I’d grown up with this music…’.   We all grew up with the Beatles in those days and I was one of those lucky ones.

Imagine if this technology had been around in the past…  the study of history would be even more interesting!  … oh and if you’re reading this Joan,  ps …   (well I think you know the rest…).


2 thoughts on “… lucky enough to grow up with the Beatles…

  1. Absolutely… I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing for the Beatles’ entire singles history, from Please Please Me and From Me To You to Across The Universe (sigh). And I still have the Special Edition Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields single my sister gave me for my birthday in 1967…

    Paul Simon’s song “Born at the right time” comes to mind here…. 🙂 Lucky indeed.

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