.. time running out…

Please note the VSO disclaimer on the header above.

I had a great night on Saturday.. some of my VSO buddies and an American interloper (who has become a good buddy) treated me to a meal at Dosa Corner, a South Indian restaurant not too far from my place.  We had a good night.  Highlights were some presents – a special unique Cambodian T-shirt which wished me good luck from ‘all my friends in Cambodia’ and there were a few people there so I must have some friends right enough.. only thing was that it was in Khmer script so I needed a translation.

'Good Luck Danny from your friends in Cambodia'

Also much appreciated were a silk weave Krama (worthy of a woman I think, not a mere man -thanks Kath) and a beautiful photo of the Bayon temple from Andre.   It was a very close group who came together last September to try to do good in Cambodia and I am the first to leave. I wrote about some of them way back (  Our Volunteer Group).   Here they are again…

dosa corner meal with friends and colleagues

.. and here is John, so impressed by my style he decided to go bald as well, even though he’s got a fine head of black hair now!!

.. it was a very good joke...

You know, you don’t have a big income, but it’s a great life as a volunteer.  I thoroughly recommend it. This nice meal was but one of a series of excellent meals prepared by various members of the team, who enlivened their follow-up language course ( a one week top-up after 6 months) which had brought them back to Phnom Penh with a Come dine with me challenge (Ingran’s brilliant idea).  I think there will be YouTube postings later on, as they did a video inspection tour of each person’s ‘house’ (ie. bedroom) as part of the event.  However the highlight for me was the food.. the limit was $2 per person and there was some pretty creative cookery for that.  This photo shows the set up for Leandra and Andre’s delicous meal.  Scoring was bit random but Kath and Janet came out top.

come dine with me andre and leandra meal

There is no doubt that the mutual support of the volunteer group (even though very spread out!) helps a lot, but all the people you see here are doing some good work in one of the world’s poorest countries.  Before I leave this week, I need to find a special time to marshall my thoughts about our work here, and my work here, and the many paradoxes of life in Cambodia.


5 thoughts on “.. time running out…

  1. Even though I didn’t meet you all I feel as if I know you and hope we might see you sometime here in Scotland.
    Keep up the good work and do keep in touch with Dan-the-man (and me).
    Joan x

  2. It was great!!! Thanks Joan, I have the same feeling. Saw a lovely video from you and your work.
    Hope you’ll have a great holiday together!!!

  3. Pa-own Danny!

    It certainly has been a pleasure. You have excelled yourself in achieving a lot in a short period of time. I hope you dont mind me popping into Sterling every now and then! The group will not be the same without you.

    Stay in touch.

  4. I’m sorry the blog has come to an end, I will really miss it. It’s nice to think though that you and Joan are enjoying a holiday together in Malaysia.

    • Hi Lesley
      right now we are relaxing in the mountains in the interior of Malaysia after a great few days in KL meeting up with friends.
      Cecilia sends her love and is planning to come to Scotland in June so hopes to see you then.
      D. has just been checking his emials and found your comment on the blog so think he might continue a wee bit following encouraged by your comment!
      love Joan

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