… not missed at all …

Thanks to Sam for reminding me about one aspect of Cambodian life that I don’t miss at all!  His experiences are charted in the link below:

The War with the Mosquito

I avoided the technological solution.. it was always so much more satisfying to kill one by speed of hand and eye!  Each mosquito killed is one small step for a man, but one great step for mankind…. and yet they would always return, launching guerrilla strikes on my ankles, or that part of my back which I cannot reach.  Only one thing is worse than the itch and irritation of a mosquito bite and that is the itch and irritation of a Malaysian sandfly – I am still afflicted by the bites received on Pulau Besar about four weeks ago now, though I think I am through the worst of it.

the sandfly.. cute isn't she?

At their most irritating, it seemed that I would have to wear a strait jacket to prevent me from scratching… thanks goodness the ones on Pulau Besar didn’t carry Leishmaniasis.  If I go back to South East Asia, I’m definitely slapping on more DEET in sandy areas!


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