Glaciers of the Himalayas

There are some beautiful images in this short film promoting the RGS show. comparing photos taken in the first part of the 20th Century with photos taken more recently.

Vanishing Glaciers

I don’t know what the implications are for water flow levels into most of the world’s greatest rivers, on which so many of the world’s population depend, but you’ve got to think this is a scientific priority for the world community.  The Yangste, the Mekong, the Brahmaputra, the Irawaddy, the Ganges, the Indus….. all fed by Himalayan glaciers which are disappearing or have already disappeared.

Baltoro Glacier

This is an official picture of Baltoro Glacier, in the North of Pakistan, en route to K2 , and those other massive mountains where India meets China meets Pakistan meets Afghanistan meets Tajikistan, four miles and more up in the sky.   I chose it as I’m in the middle of seeing this area and its people through the eyes of Greg Mortenson, an American climber who decided, after an expedition to K2, to return to that remote part of the world and build a school:  an unusual and inspiring story.   See more at Three Cups of Tea.

It’s a beautiful part of the world… and it’s a beautiful story.

There are some amazing people out there doing amazing things.  Ken Cunningham (see comment below) gave me the link to a Scot, Mike Jackson, who was also prompted to change his life by an experience on K2.  See Wild Hearts to find out more.


3 thoughts on “Glaciers of the Himalayas

  1. Danny, your piece sparked off the reminder about Mick Jackson’s experiences there which resulted in Wildhearts being started – quite a remarkable journey. He wrote a book, Life Lessons from History’s Heroes, in which he tells a little about that particular experience on K2. I’ve got Mick coming to speak at the Conference in November – I’m hoping he goes down well with the troops. certainly what he hasa done since has been very powerful.

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