Precious Light

On Monday, Joan and I were in Edinburgh.  We planned to see this exhibition (at last) – our only chance before it closes this week.  However time was against us.. we arrived with only 45 minutes left before close at 5pm.

45 minutes!!  I could have spent the whole day!!

Noah’s Ark         Tower of Babel  

David Mach and a team of 30 artists have put together, over three years, a number of large stunning collages, contemporary images to give visual life to the rich language of the King James B ible, 400 years from its first publication.

As stunning as the visual images are the words.   There was a display case with different bibles from the 16th and 17th Centuries, large wall texts and a flat screen bringing up random phrases which are now so much part of our language, our understanding.  Beautiful, powerful words.

salt of the earth                           the powers that be                 the land of nod

  all things to all men                               nothing new under the sun

But don’t take my word for it:

“The King James Bible is a cornerstone of our culture and our language. Whatever our faith, whatever we believe, we have to recognise that the rhetorical power of this book, and in particular its power to fuse history with poetry, connects at the most fundamental level with our own history and poetry.”

– Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate 1999-2009

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