You Tube – a window on the past, a window on the present

Which is more interesting:

The fantastic cartoon adaptation of Animal Farm, now available free on the Internet:

or the extraordinary ignorance of some of those posting comments about it on You Tube?  Reading some of these posts makes it clear how important it is that current and future voters continue to be educated in democratic complexity; that schools continue to try to teach a generation, many reared in a materialistic consumerism, some of the basic ideas which have formed the society they live in.   In this case, how the noble ambition of state communism,  that equality for all can be achieved,  becomes less noble when this ambition is used to justify any methods, particularly forceful restrictions on freedom and disregard for the absolute value of each human life.  In ensuring that these restrictions are enforced, it seems that the wrong people inevitably take control, people whose values and actions pervert the communist mission, people who are good at violence and domination.   Noble political ambitions therefore always need to be balanced by political accountability, the rule of law and individual freedoms.  We call it democracy.

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