Why the NHS reforms in England are a dangerous gamble… and no-one there should ever vote LibDem again!

I know we don’t face these problems in Scotland, although we have enough of our own to judge from what employees of the NHS say about recent changes, but no-one can be happy with the simplistic, overambitious and, frankly, crazy determination of Tory ideologues, possibly in the pay of private health care companies, to break up the NHS.  This article by Joe Farrington-Douglas of the IPPR (not a body known for any left of centre ideas!) makes clear why it won’t work from a non-partisan position:

Towards a Lehman Health Service?

I can just about understand that a Tory politician like Andrew Lansley would want these reformsPossible motives are that he may:

  • have very little social or personal contact with the public sector and just not understand most of the issues;
  • be intellectually committed to privatisation / marketisation in order to maximise profits;
  • believe that you sometimes need to send the weak to the  wall for the greater good of an efficient society;
  • see politics as a confrontation, in the Thatcher mould, and want to make a tough reputation accordingly and
  • have lots of friends / colleagues who work for private health care companies

However what on earth are hoards of LibDem MPs doing voting for this reform.  Truly no-one in England should ever vote LibDem again.


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