Tengku Mahmood once more….

One of the classes in 1976!!

Regular readers will remember that last April I went back to Malaysia to visit the many old friends we have out there(see the holiday of a lifetime   and Malaysia No More ).   Fuziana told us ‘Malaysia is your second home’.  While there, I decided to revisit my old school and to see if I would run into any of my former school pupils or teachers.  I should have been better organised.  After a fruitless wander to a couple of addresses with no-one home, I had  a phone call with one former student and then managed to locate another (Sudin b Ismail) on our way to Kuala Terengganu to stay with our teacher friends there.  While it was great to meet up with Sudin, I regretted that I had not been better organised earlier in my ‘search’.   An earlier Facebook search might have helped.   However I later made contact with Nik Kamisah through Facebook.

It turns out there was a TMS reunion this week, after which Nik Kamisah sent out the link to my Facebook page ( Danny Murphy ) and lots of my former students from the mid70s are now my Facebook friends!  I can’t understand even a tenth of the chat in the ‘ex TMS’ Facebook group (I am now a member), but it’s great to reconnect after so many years.  It’s also a remarkable tribute both to the power of Facebook and the power of VSO!!   No doubt there are many more photos like the one above taking up shelf space somewhere on the East Coast of Malaysia!

Here’s the story of the reunion in the Malaysian press:

Tengku Mahmood Reunion


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