Random Acts of Kindness

If you haven’t hear of the Random Acts of Kindness foundation, you should look them up.

They’re changing the world for the better every day.  Click the link to find out more.

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

PS If you, like me, have a dour streak, utterly resistant to American schmalz, in your DNA, don’t be put off!   They’re doing great work and any one of us can join in every day.



One thought on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Hi Danny,
    I enjoy reading your blog and was very interested in the ‘random acts of kindness’ link that you posted. The website has many stimulating ideas that could be introduced in schools. One of the videos on the RAK site highlighted another resource from UC Berkley ‘greater good, the science of meaningful life’. You may want to have a look.
    Kind regards

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