Referendum Date

Interesting article from Martin Kettle on the implications for UK politics of the Independence referendum date proposed by the Scottish Government.  I had not see these issues explored in such detail.  It does begin to look very messy!!

The debate in the ‘comments’ underneath the article is particularly interesting.  Many resent what they see as an implication that Scottish people do not have the power to make these decisions for themselves.

Many of those commenting seem to resent what they see as an implication by Kettle that Scottish people do not have the power to make these decisions for themselves. However these arguments stem from an almost obsessive concern with Independence at the expense of all other aspects of politics. One of the reasons a long timescale might not be desirable is the distracting effect on political work in Scotland, where important aspects of social policy and administration are being neglected because so much political and civil service energy is absorbed by the referendum questions.

One of the other political aspects involved, for example, is representation. I am represented in both Scotland and the UK parliament and during the (possibly lengthy period) of negotiations of any kind, I would not want to lose my UK representation. Who would I go to as a citizen of the UK during this post 2015 interregnum I want to raise a grievance about a tax issue or make a point about defence policy for example but I had no representative at the UK parliament? According to many contributing to this debate, my Scottish MSP would be the person who would have to engage with the UK civil service/govt. Good luck with that.

There are many other such functions of the UK parliament for which Scottish citizens of the UK would still require appropriate democratic access until such time as formal separation took place. Some of the suggestions being made are just very naive in ignoring the complexity that Kettle has drawn attention to. This article gives those who advocate the case for a later referendum date some real issues to answer.

Follow the argument by clicking this link:

Why the Scottish Referendum date matters


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