Joyce McMillan on the independence debate

The picture she paints of Scotland after a ‘no’ vote in a 2014 referendum (click on the link below to read the whole article), facing a UK election 8 months later and with the smug millionaires of SE England in power, is both depressing and possible.  It’s a picture of a Scotland unconvinced by the SNP’s glowing overoptimistic vision of a future (‘let’s not rock too many boats just now, but wait till we’ve got independence then we’ll sort everything’), but without a clear vision of a believable alternative.  Her article, despite the patronising / inaccurate character of many of the comments added online (!) should be a rallying call to moderate and left of centre Unionists to make the case for a better UK.  Proportional representation surely has now to be part of that argument.   Labour gave it to Scotland; it should be part of the vision for a fairer, more representative UK, sending those millionaire Tories back to their right wing lair for a long time to come.

Joyce McMillan: Give us a break from the negativity – News –


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