What happened to the last four weeks…?

Back two weeks now from our fantastic holiday in the South of France, finishing up with a week on a barge (moored) facing the walls of the mediaeval city of Aigues-Mortes on the Western edge of the Camargue.   During that week we had rain, wild wind, searing sun and many flamingos.  The cultural highlight was the ‘pelerinage’ (pilgrimage) of the ‘les gens qui voyagent’ (travelling people) in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.  I can’t begin to describe the sounds and the colours.. so there’s a few photos below.  Highlight for me was sitting on the roof of the fortified Norman church which dominates the small town, listening to the priest (the service was broadcast on loudspeakers) and enjoying the thong and bustle above and below.. then after a chaotic procession that somehow worked (no health and safety police!), we joined the crowds taking the statue of the patron saint Saint Sarah into the water (you can read more about the festival with the link above).   After our return, all the work of May plus some from June has been squeezed into these first three weeks back, so it’s been a bit more manic than I have become use to of late.  Not complaining.

The church

Crowds gathering in the morning

Photo time after taking St Sarah to the water!

View of the tower at Aigues-Mortes from the barge

French language students taking time off from the course in Nice


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