Stiglitz on Inequality

Should be compulsory reading for all citizens, with the future of the planet/species in mind every time they cast a vote:

The 1%’s Problem

.. or if they don’t want to read, listen here:

Stiglitz LSE lecture

… further ‘sensible economics’ (not a complete impossiblity) to read at:

New Economics Foundation

.. to listen at:



2 thoughts on “Stiglitz on Inequality

  1. But, Danny, accepting that such huge and growing inequality driven by speculation and not innovation is a major problem, how do we fix it?
    The rich gamblers control the media, most people don’t vote because the main parties offer no real choice.
    We’ve known since at least the 60s that sharing the work and sharing the wealth could create a better life for all – but certainly in Britain we’ve chosen to Hogg the work and the incomes, so no leisure for some and no life for others, while a very few watch and laugh.

    • There is a fair chance that, as a species, we are heading for a crisis and it is only a crisis that will make the changes required. Long term global cause and consequence are too indeterminate for people to consider those factors in making decisions about their individual lives, where consumerism / private wealth accumulation means that they still make the choices which favour the short-termism of our financial and political systems. All we can hope for is to change the terms of the debate… that’s about education in the broadest sense – is that not what we’re about?

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