Values Based Education – is there any other kind?

Stimulated by a great article in the Guardian earlier this week on values based education in practice:  Witney Family values.  Don’t be fooled by the ‘David Cameron’ angle… this is good stuff!

Neil Hawkes has done a great job in bringing together into one place some of the disparate information and practice under the heading ‘values based education‘.   In among all the detailed day to day political controversies, pedagogical research and practical problems of education and schooling, it’s vital that we remember what it is for.  There’s a nice little introductory film:

The Scottish Standard for Headship states that:

Headteachers work with children and young people, staff, parents and others to promote participative citizenship, inclusion, enterprise, democratic values and a culture of respect within the school community and beyond.

This is not easy.  Some of the challenge is found in the recent book Democratic Citizenship in Schools.  Yet  is it not the most important purpose of schooling?



4 thoughts on “Values Based Education – is there any other kind?

  1. Hi Danny this is very interesting I don’t know if you have seen the latest from the EFA campaign which is all about education and jobs I have already asked why they have focused on this limited view of education as simply imparting skills for work it is a little worrying that they are following the approach of the world Bank and others by promoting this idea, education is much to powerful to be reduced done to one objective.

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