The Edinburgh Fringe – hit and miss

Great day at the Fringe yesterday.  Carol Craig thought provoking on Scottish identity at the Book Festival, though best part of that session was Joan meeting up by chance with two former classmates who she hadn’t seen for more than forty years!

A University singing group were less than impressive but Machines for Living, by the Let Slip Theatre Group (catch them on:  vimeo ) was just what the Fringe used to be – young enthusiasts tackling serious subjects with energy, humour and bags of talent.

Fringe pros Grassroots Theatre Group Zimbabwe were impressive.  Beautiful rangy voices, all the ululation that a small room could take and smiles to die for.  They go round schools in the UK.  We used to get them to Lornshill every year for a day of workshops – some with drama and music students, some performance sessions with younger kids to give them inspiration.  More power to them.

Last up we saw Africa Entsha (Soweto Entsha) – five bundles of melodic rhythmically energy singing close harmony while tap dancing like Fred Satire – in white trainers!

What a treat.  Throw in a couple of beers, an open air savoury galette and copious people watching opportunities and you have the perfect Fringe 12 hour day – all for the cost of a moderately priced Opera ticket.  Fringe prices are becoming a problem but there are still some great shows out there costing less than a small round of drinks in a city centre bar.


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