My Haiku Year 2012 #1 January

11 Jan  From my office window

Winter sun soft on the Forth

High branches rustle

Starlings flit from branch to branch

office window

12 Jan   From my office window

The river runs round the field

The cold earth is still

Waiting for the sun to rise

13 Jan    Dawn view, from the early train to Edinburgh

Red feathers float to the sky

Smoke over Grangemouth

A Scottish winter morning

14th Jan    Walk to the Baird Monument by Crieff

Railway cutting outside Crieff

Tree-strewn.   Disused.   Deep.

Moss bright green always in shade

Baird Momument

15th Jan   A winter Sunday

Cold earth encrusted by frost

The spade slices through

Digging up leeks for Sunday soup

16th Jan    Another office window view

Words grind against other words

Can’t match the beauty

Of a casual sunrise

17th January   The chimney sweeps

Up top long round black brushes  

Sweep clean the chimney  

A squat red vacuum below

18th January    On the train

E.mail Text Blog Calendar  

To Do List Twitter  

My life on my mobile phone

19th January    BBC News

A new Boris Island airport  

Sitting in the Thames?  

Global warming, rising tides

20th January     At my desk

Books, paper, techy gadgets  

Pens, pencils, keyboard  

Piled together higgle and piggle.

 my work desk

21st January    Tillicoultry to Dollar

Saturday morning walking

Harviestoun Home Farm

Tilly Tea Room to finish

22nd January   The Premiership

Playing acting posturing

Leather strikes leather

The pantomime of football

23rd January   Exercise

Four girls stretching and straining

Lavender lycra

The University gym


24th January   Exercise again

Two veterans with grey hair

Puffing and panting

In search of vanished vigour

25th January  Exercise again

Hard faces and harder muscles  

Sweaty short cropped hair  

Exercise creatine mix

26th January  Exercise again

Radio One on speaker

Twelve sets of headphones

A creaking cacophony

27th January  Exercise again

Self consciously not looking

A quick sideways glance

High stakes fashion in the gym

28th January  Exercise again

Up down in out up down in

In rhythmical time

Together but so apart

29th January  Exercise again

Bleach blonde hair red hair no hair

Reebok Adidas

Socks shoes pants tees shorts vests hoods

30th January  Dublin

Stories of independence  

Scotland and Ireland  

Bloody pasts, rosy futures


Wolf Tone

Wolf Tone

31st January   Breakfast Time

The burnt smell of toasted bread

Hot tea in the pot

French butter and homemade jam 


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