My Haiku Year 2012 #2 February

2nd February   The Keyboard

Index middle index ring

Index middle thumb

Words fly from my black keyboard

 3rd February   Online

Google Facebook Mozilla  

Hotmail. The Guardian.

My online start to each day

 4th February  Sally and Iain

Wet ice and snow covering  

Piercing windblown snow  

Pentland walk in February

5th February   Celtic Connections

Gretchen Peters growing old

Gerry Rafferty

Julie Fowlis’ voice soars high

 6th February  TV Music

Twang go the country guitars

Badum badum bass

The transatlantic sessions

 7th February    Facebook

An old student reunion  

Tengku Mahmood School  

Joyful Facebook messages

mum and dad

mum and dad

 8th February 

My dad was born on this day

Ninety four years since

I celebrate his birthday  

 9th February  Going South

The ten thirty to London

A long train journey

Meeting up with Beth and Joan

 10th February  The Big Smoke

Red brick walls and white porticos  

Icy cold in my bones  

February in London

Marx Gravestone

Marx Gravestone

12th February

In Highgate Cemetery  

In death as in life  

Karl Marx opposes Spencer

 13th February  Education

Small boys stare at mummies  

Four thousand years old  

British Museum midterm

 14th February  The Daily News

“Gotcha!” claim London coppers  

The “Sun’s” just desserts  

Not front page story today

 15th February   Morrison’s

Five friends meet in local pub  

We drink beer and talk  

Politics, history, life

 16th February  Eagle Lodge morning

Mum sits at the breakfast table

A wee old lady

Heartwarming conversations

 18th February  Walking Fire

Walking the Fife Coastal Trail

Culross to Limekilns

Very little coast.  Lots of road

19th February  Distractions

Stunned by the bright shining sun

Bouncing off the Forth

Into my office window

 20th February   The Gers  

Rangers are like all business

In UK today

Ready for asset stripping



 21st February  Someone Like You

9 million watch on You Tube

Adele singing her heart

I watch and shed a sad tear

 22nd February   Learning

Melvyn Bragg on In Our Time  

A rebellion  

In eighth century China

 22nd February   More Learning

A Moray House seminar  

Writing and reading  

Talking and listening too

 22nd February   Chit chat

Meeting with Gordon Crandles  

Me coffee him tea  

Happy crowds in Morrison’s

22nd February   Chat chit

Meeting up with different people  

Spaces in between  

An awkward sort of today

 24th February   Bliss was it then

A bright morning in Stirling

Today there is sun  

Bringing light into our lives

 27th February   Influenza

My head feels clouded, shrouded  

I hear but dimly  

Sudden sneezes shake my body

 28th February  Silence

Every day my throat works  

Today it does not  

Rasping raw red, sandpapered

 29th February  Environment

We dominate our planet  

What a thing is man  

The fragility of life


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