My Haiku Year 2012 #3 March

1st March   Environment

Solar panels sitting on our roof  

Generating watts  

And they do it every day

2nd March   Eagle Lodge

Mum sits content in her space

She is drinking tea

I show photos and she smiles

 3rd March   Union Canal at Ratho

On the canal bridge looking

Into the Almond

Gorge and trying not to jump


4th March   Tossing their heads in sprightly dance

Each year the daffodils come

Their yellow trumpets  

Sounding out, filling our hearts

5th March   Martha my dear

Listening to “World at One”  

With Martha Kearney

 The BBC at its best

5th March  An Edinburgh hobo

Contemporary begging  

Blanket and Daily Mail  

Two mangy dogs are well fed


8th March  Sauchie UF women

Three hymns two prayers one reading

Scones and cups of tea

Women listen as I talk

9th March    A Western Silkie

Silvery moonlight on a

Velvety dark sea

My sleek black silkie calls me

joan beth and anna

11th March    Amongst Women

Susan, Ann, Elizabeth,

Joan.  Lucky me, to

Eat brunch with them at Circles

12th March   Eagle Lodge

Another visit to Mum  

She’s sleeping soundly  

I wake her and prattle on

13th March   The true Forth

Grey clouds and grey Scottish sky

Muddy brown river

Greens browns rusty reds abound

14th March   It warms you twice

The cherry tree gave fruit for

Twenty five summers

Now I have harvested wood

16th March   Feeding frenzy

Small blue white and yellow bird  

Darts from branch to branch  

Looking for the next sweet cone

16th March    Hotel life

The Peebles Hydro window  

Looks over round hills  

Brown on green. Sombre. Misty.


19th March   Non je ne regrette rien

La classe francaise est finie  

L’institut no more  

Mondays will not be the same

20th March  At the keyboard

Fingers whirr but shoulders still

Neck turning slowly

Taught muscles and tight fibres

22nd March   Spring flowers

Bright rhododendron flowers

 My mother laughing  

A fine walk in the Botanics


25th March 2012    South to Stratford

At the Lancaster Canal  

The sun was shining

Mallard ducks and long houseboats


 25th March 2012   Oxfordshire

Minster Lovell in the sun

The River Windrush

Green meadows, chirping songbirds

Minster Lovell

26th March 2012   Satellite fix

Google maps on HTC

Puts me somewhere else

Do they know something I don’t?

28th March   More typing

A long day in the office

Shoulders stiffening

Living my life on a screen

30th March   Forth flows the Forth

Le fleuve est étincelant

Sounding the story

Onomatopoeic French

30th March   French Cinema

French film ‘Kid with a Bike’  

Cyril Samantha  

Pas de Disclosure Clearance


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