My Haiku Year 2012 #4 April / May

1st April   Green grow the grasses oh..

Sharpening blades cutting grass

Humphling things about  

How to tidy a garden

2nd April   Poetry please

Lord Tennyson and John Keats  

Bell’s Wee McGreegor  

Reading treats for my mother

4th April   From the train

North across the Forth Valley  

Deep clefts in steep braes  

Snow brilliant on the Ochils


5th April   Twits on Twitter

One hundred and thirty six

Tweets waiting for me

Quickly I skim through them all

 joan and sue

7th April   Sue and life

Sue came round to eat with us  

She is inspiring  

Watched the Voice and laughed in life


13th April  Locked in the back room

All week SQH marking  

Thick portfolios

 Improving education

14th April   Bliss was it then (part two)..

Early Saturday morning.

Bright sun on the Forth  

Egg roll, coffee, Guardian. Bliss.

 hearts celtic

 15th April   Euan and Donald and Craig Beattie…

Heart of Midlothian two  

Glasgow Celtic one  

All Edinburgh Final

17th April   Springtime

Sun, black stormy clouds, and rain  

A typical day

In our beautiful Scotland

19th April  Ben Cleuch

Burly shouldered Ochil hill

Approached up The Law

Snow still sits on your North face

 ben cleuch

20th April  Reading about Writing

Natalie Goldberg’s ‘Wild Mind’

Writing on Writing

Get rid of the monkey mind

24th April  Lornshill

My former school prizegiving,

Handing out awards

What a treat! So positive!

26th April  Princes Street Gardens

Walking round the East Gardens

My grandfather sat  

Watching with a restful mind

28th April  Adam and Lisa

Witney in the wind and rain  

The River Windrush  

Muddy torrent running high

30th April  Lemsip and honey

Runny nose, tickly throat, sore head  

Head colds are awful  

Unwell while walking around

2nd May   Moray House

Three days solid, interviews  

SQH Course 4  

Learning all the time from them

4th May  Packing and more packing

First time holiday in May  

Early tomorrow  

Three weeks in the south of France!


5th May  Edinburgh Airport

In security limbo  

Airport shopping hell  

Six hours delay in Nice flight


30th May  On dry land

Back in Scotland once again  

Brain kicking back in  

Francais est en l’imparfait 


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