My Haiku Year 2012 #5 June

5th June   Work and more work

Back from holiday one week  

Ten days to catch up  

And I only work part-time!


8th June   Deep breathing

Back cycling in the gym  

Six weeks remission  

The heart starts pumping again

8th June  Late night TV

Vargas Llosa and Amis  

Shriver and Ford

The Book Review Show on Two


13th June   Listen to the primary teacher

Always so impressed by what  

Primary schools do  

Where children can be children


18th June  Eagle Lodge

Mum waking as I arrived

The front room Eagle Lodge  

A warm smile of welcoming


19th June   Traffic jams

How I would hate to commute  

By car in the streets  

Of  Edinburgh City


30th June On the road again

Long hours sitting in a car

 My legs start to ache  

Edinburgh  Perth  Dumfries

22nd June  SLDP

Three words for my current work  


Evaluation. Eval….


22nd June  Summer weather

Wet wet rain falls in Scotland  

Wet wet water drops  

So much H and H and O


23rd  June   Procrastination

A cold and windy June day

Sitting at my desk

Tidying computer files


27th June  FVRH

My pre-operative check  

A young student nurse  

Pricks my arm and draws my blood


28th June   Jean Carper

How to keep the brain working  

As it starts to age  

Connections no longer made

30th June   The crematorium

Funeral tributes today  

Help you understand  

The person who was and is


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