My Haiku Year 2012 #6 July

1st July   Eagle Lodge

“I’ve got you where I want you.”

My mother tells me. “Where?”

“In my heart,” she replies.


1st July  Half way

One hundred haikus

Have been seven five seven

Now five seven five


5th July  My report


Thirty thousand useful words  

On S L D P

 anna flat

8th July   45 Mitchell Street

Sunday fixing shelves  

In Anna and Euan’s flat  

That’s what Dad’s are for

9th July   Telly guzzling

Enjoying watching

 ‘How to build a cathedral’  

Wondrous stories in stone

 lincoln cathedral

10th July  Under the knife

The surgeon’s laser

 Salami slicing tissue  

My operation


10th July  On my back

Like a ripe apple

My prostate has been cored

Can it behave now?


11th July  Coming round

The hospital room  

Has white walls and whiter sheets

 I sit and I wait


11th July  Waiting and waiting

Minutes and minutes  

The second hand moves slowly  

Minutes become hours

11th July   Thank god for the cleaners.. they don’t have paperwork

The cleaner sweeps round  

Later she brings welcome food  

So so important


11th July   Indignity

A young student nurse

Slowly pulls the catheter

I don’t want it back


11th July   Upon indignity

Little did I think

That I would be so upset

At losing control


16th July   Hope

Another four days

My return to Forth Valley

What will the tests say?


17th July   Fizzle drizzle

A watery sun  

Picks out the colours of day  

In central Scotland

18th July   Scottish society

Troubled families  

Long generations of need  

Few bootstraps to pull


19th July   Progress

Back from hospital

Two steps forward one step back

The right direction


20th July   How quickly you forget

Walking round the house

 It all comes easily now

Taken for granted


21st July  Or maybe not

Taken for granted?

As always I spoke too soon

Infection returns


22nd July   I understand illness

It’s getting better

Not bad, quite good and now good

But not yet the best

23rd July   Summer weather

Scotland is Rainland

Smirr or skoosh, squall or shower

 It’s belting it down   

nice cup of tea 

24th July   Old fashioned tea

Brew in warm teapot

 Fill rose-patterned china cup

A perfect tea time


25th July   Summer is here

Green leaves shimmering

Soft wind rustling through the trees

Bathed in evening sun


27th July    Olympics

In London bells ring

In Stirling I hear a tinkle

Tinkle little bell


28th July   Bliss was it then .. again..

Two black top well fired rolls

Tattie scones fried eggs coffee

Today’s perfect brunch

30th July    Summer stays

A strong west wind blows

Cotton wool clouds on sky blue

A lark ascending


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