My Haiku Year 2012 #7 August / September

1st August    Writing

Facing a blank page

So many false starts

Each one not quite right


5th August    East Coast

Olympic fever?

Just moderately warmish

On the London train

 olympic meal.

6th August    Olympic fever

A London breakfast

The city’s constant humming

Cars and trains and planes


8th August     Yeah

Earthy brown, sky blue

Golden green and fluffy white

Colours of summer

11th August   Excitement rises

Olympian scenes

Higher Stronger and Faster

Athletic days


12th August   What a runner

Mohammed Farah

Hero in Somalia

Hero in Britain


15th August     Farming UK style

Bluey green leaves

Long rows of leathery crowns

Sprouts in a wet field


18th August   Memories are made of this

Down at Portencross

A hidden gem of the West

Sun and salty air


20th August    How does your garden grow

Green vegetables

Beans, broccoli, lettuce, leeks

Wet summer harvest

22nd August   Twits on twitter

One thousand and one

Unread tweets awaiting me

After long weekend


24th August   Queensferry bridged thrice

A grey River Forth

Cranes and barges constructing

An unloved new bridge


25th August   Already?

Sunny Saturday

August swishes her green coat

And leaves start to fall


27th August   A long sleepless night

Dripping drips drip drip

 Into a plastic bucket

Minutes become hours


29th August   Season of mists

It’s only August

But the cool air of autumn

 Is already here

3rd September   Pedal power

My bicycle ride

To the University

A quarter hour treat


7th September    TV delights

Wow! Beethoven’s fifth

Daniel Barenboim and his

Splendid orchestra


9th September    Day of rest

Now Sunday morning

Feels like any other day

I want Sunday back


12th September   The University library

Waiting weighty books

Sitting on long metal shelves

Pregnant with knowledge

 uni library window

12th September   The Library window

A library seat

Looks over slender grey trees

Martins dip and dart


14th September     Joan beside me

Rhythmical breathing

Gently ebbing and flowing

The most precious sound


14th September    Good deed

Two older tourists

 I carry their heavy bags

Stepping more lightly


18th September  Aunt Anne

Epitaph for Anne

Strong willed free spirited dancer

Dancing to the stars 

18th September   Procrastination

I see the Cobbler

From my library window

He sits craggy still


25th September   The crematorium

Mortonhall chapel

Concrete walls hardwood benches

Paying our respects



25th September     We neither know the day nor the hour

On mortality

I feel no closer to death

But value my time


27th September   Learning

As I get older

 I try to learn more each day

More than I forget


28th September    Pedal free

Cycling from Stirling

On the Cambuskenneth Road

It’s airy and fresh


29th September    Windy walks

Walking the Pentlands

Turnhouse Hill Scald Law Glencorse

Gusty exercise



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