My Haiku Year 2012 #8 October / November

10th October    Possessions

So many things to do

The pressure of belongings

Weighs down heavily

jersey harbour

17th October   Jersey

Ducks and boats bobbing

As water laps Bonne Nuit Bay

In October sun


17th October  The North Shore

A kestrel soars high

Above bramble layered cliffs

And a foaming sea


17th October    Looking North

The coastal path drops

Dives steeply to Devil’s Hole

Sark sitting silent

17th October    World War island

Rusting gun mountings

Dominate each blue bay

Round verdant Jersey

17th October   holiday holiday

Woollen cotton clouds

Slide across an azure sky

At no pace at all

jersey scene

17th October    Pedal tourism

My bicycle wheels

Crunch and scrunch on stony sand

A seaweed strewn strand


17th October   Dangerous shores

Ships lying deep down

Broken on the reef Casquets

Victory’s oak timbers


22nd October   Elizabeth MD

My sister retires

Twenty eight years of service

 In inner Bristol


22nd October    Bristol’s best

We celebrate in

A Greek Orthodox Church Hall

A polyglot group


22nd October    Buffet supper

Daal, saag aloo, rice

Can there be a better meal?

So easy to eat

22nd October   Celidh dancing

Fiddle and guitar

Lead people of all nations

In country dancing


29th October    Atholl walk

Glen Tilt russet red

Thundering through its gorges

Its foaming river

 glen tilt

29th October   Autumn in Atholl

Beech red and Larch gold

Scots firs a silvery green

The autumn colours


29th October    Highland fauna

An eagle circles

In a river meadow running deer

Timid red squirrels


30th October    Busy students

All seats are taken

Library musical chairs

Played every day

7th November   USofA

America votes just

For Obama not Romney

A narrow escape


8th November    Ashes to ashes

Autumn leaves fallen

The sycamore and the ash

Will their leaves return?


11th November   Bernard Barker

Weekend in London

People on the underground

Most under thirty


11th November   Live theatre – what a treat

Saw Hedda Gabbler

At the Old Vic Theatre

Stunning performance


12th November      Pressed men and women

BBC meltdown

Navel gazing on ‘Today’

Do we still trust them?

12th November    London London

On Turnpike Lane tube

Somali and Afgani

An occasional Scot


15th November     From my window

Mists of November

Sit heavy on the river

Damp chill in my bones


15th November    Western General

Bruised, confused, unsure

Yet her heart so strong, so strong

Mum in hospital


20th November    The view to the east

A gentle west wind

The grey Forth swirls and eddies

Squeezed fast in its course


20th November     Low sky

Smoke sits heavily

Covering our homes, our land

Dirty cotton wool

November 20th     Winter chill

November weather

Strips the last leaves from the trees

And invades our bones


November 23rd      Middle east crisis

Israeli bombing

Palestinian rockets

Both right and both wrong


November 28th    Winter

Hearts nil Celtic four

Tynecastle dark and gloomy

Despite bright floodlights

November 29th   The good thief

The Tolbooth Attic

Tom Leonard speaks poetry

As social comment


The Good Thief

heh jimmy

ma right insane yirra pape

ma right insane yirwanny us


see it nyir eyes

wanny us ………..


November 30th   Lord Leveson

Tabloid press freedom

Set your own standards

Then do what you want

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