My Haiku Year 2012 #9 December

December 2nd   Fine winter

Early morning frost

The stillness of cold cold air

Awaits the sunrise


December 7th    They care

Another Friday

Enthusiastic teachers

Pedagoo tweeters


December 7th   Buchanan Galleries

Christmas shopping day

Mall materialism

Looking for meaning


December 10th   Inveraray

Bright winter sunshine

Lights up the length of Loch Fyne

And dazzles my eyes


December 10th    Above the castle

On Dun na Cuaiche

A mountain panorama

Scotland in winter


December 12th   Day and date

The twelfth of the twelfth

The twelfth year of this decade

Twelve twelve twenty twelve


December 14th   On  Mum’s 95th

Age comes not alone

Our love is with you always

Happy ninety fifth


December 14th   On  Mum’s 95th

One day at death’s door

The next sipping milk sweet tea

Tomorrow who knows?


December 14th   On  Mum’s 95th

You ask your age

I say, ‘ninety five.’  You say

‘I’ll outlast you all.’


December 14th  On  Mum’s 95th

Capable caring

The Corstorphine Hospital

For older people


December 14th  On  Mum’s 95th

The old bones so tired

The shrinking brain now so small

But your eyes smile still


December 14th   On  Mum’s 95th

No past, no future

Perfectly in the moment

Life comes full circle

 christmas party

December 21st      Water power

Water, rain, water

Now even the sluggish Forth

Runs faster, deeper


December 21st   Recovery

Mum clings on to life

Her frail body tissue thin

Will she see next year?


December 21st    View from the desk

My cluttered office

Half forgotten articles

And books yet unread


December 21st   Christmas Party

Porridge for breakfast

Christmas fun in Corstorphine

Hospital Ward 2


December 22nd   Christmas shopping

Wet trolleys, kids’ smiles

Sainsbury’s Christmas Car Park

Many hopeful wishes


December 23rd

Yesterday Matthew

Adam Lisa Beth Tatty

Anna and Euan


December 24th

We fortunate few

The blessed generation

Health, peace and plenty


December 25th

Each Christmas

We eat and drink together

Together once more


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