The Politics of Dilemmas

Here we are again.. this time trying to tidy up Chapter 3 ahead of my deadline of the end of the week.  I’m getting there but not up to the schedule.  The final revision of this chapter proved both difficult and messy.

It’s the second of the three perspectives which unpick what is going on in a difficult dilemma-type situation of the type that can often occur in social situations such as life in a school.   Yesterday I posted about the psychology of dilemmas: how people interpret events and situations differently, how emotions can colour and shape the interpretation and the importance, especially in an eduational setting, of trying to focus on who people might learn from what is happening or has happened to set the dilemma up in the first place – often learning can lead to resolution.  Today it was the turn of politics:  who has power in the situation? what interests do they have and are these determining their use of power? has the dilemma been created by political forces or contradictions in policy?  how is the rapid social and economic change of recent times, and the unpredictability of our social and economic future, affecting educational policy?  what can these dilemmas situations tells us about education for democracy, education as democracy and education in a democracy?

dilemmas graphic

I’ve got a serviceable draft ready, but I’ll have to spend the morning tomorrow tidying it up. That doesn’t leave a lot of time tomorrow for the most difficult of the three perspectives – ethics!  I’ll have to speed up my workrate!  The second edition is due for publication in the late summer but should be with the publisher by the end of this week.

Today I also notice the first edition slipped  to 141,925th in the Amazon list.   How quickly I have crashed down from the giddy heights of 59,618th yesterday!


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