The Ethics of Dilemmas

The second last lap almost over, I have a draft of this, Chapter 4; still feels very rough but it’s something to work from.  I’ll have at Chapter 5 tomorrow morning, the print out the complete draft, currently sitting at 50,000 words exact, so a little bit of editing is still needed.  Won’t make the publisher’s deadline, but hope Dunedin will be forgiving.  Publication not due till late summer.

dilemmas graphic

In this chapter, understanding of dilemmas is further enriched through five ethical perspectives:

  • Ethical issues are often involved in the dilemmas school leaders face;
  • Ethical principles can be often, usefully, be held in balance, not forced to compete;
  • Ethical judgement in situations of moral complexity can only be made in the situation, not in general;
  • Those best placed to make such judgements have cultivated virtues such as wisdom and integrity;
  • Dialectical thinking captures the tensions and uncertainties of these matters better than linear positivism.

It’s riveting stuff, but it’s not going to be a bestseller any time soon.  The first edition has dropped down to 197,657th in the Amazon list!

This is me at work today… it’s not exactly a coal face, let’s face it, but the brain sometimes hurts a bit!









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