New Dilemmas

A few new ‘dilemmas’ written for this second edition.  It’ll be interesting to see how my ‘critical readers’ take to them!

Extracts from a couple of the new ones:

Rowena is a young enthusiastic Geography teacher in Third Park Academy, passionately committed to education and to the ‘green’ agenda in politics and in lifestyle.  She cycles to work but is seen by some more small ‘c’ conservative staff as a bit too strident in her advocacy.  Her energy has lifted the school well beyond the level required for their ‘green flag’ award for environmental action and awareness  ……. The ‘environment’ group has also conducted an audit of ‘carbon produced in a typical school day’.  It showed that the biggest quantity of carbon was produced not by school buses or heating, but by staff cars.  The group, with support from Rowena and a small group of environmentalist teachers, have proposed a ‘no car’ day in school, as a symbol, as they put it, of Third Park’s commitment to developing a more sustainable future.  Some of the students are particularly strident and vociferous on this theme.  They want all staff to take part and have been ‘badgering’ some staff about what they are going to do. ……  staff association representatives …. feel things have ‘gone too far’ and predict this will cause unnecessary conflict.  He should stop it now…


John Macey, age 13, has not had a comfortable family life.  In and out of care and foster care, occasionally with his natural mother while of primary school age, now he is in a highly supported placement with his aunt, trying to settle in a new community.  With his new group of peers at Ashley Park High School, his nervous uncertainty about how he will be viewed leads to him being assertive and, where needed to get respect, physically aggressive.  His disrupted childhood means that he has poor literacy and only limited learning skills.  He reacts badly to the educational experiences offered by Ashley Park.  Often these, for him, serve to underline his academic incompetence, leaving him feeling humiliated by the comparison he makes in his own mind between himself and the people around him, of his age, who can read effortlessly…..   



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