“Dilemmas” 2.0 heads off to the publisher

Well has not that been a slog?.. but it feels like it was worth it.

My first target date was December 20th. No chance.

Then it was January 5th.. and I did spend around five days over Christmas / New Year rejigging the main chapters on the psychological, political and ethical perspectives as highlighted in my earlier (enthusiastic) posts (here for example ) … I added the first and last chapter, but really wasn’t happy with them and mid-January, while working on other material, I was delighted that four able readers proof-read and gave critical comment. That persuaded me that further rewriting of Chapters 1 and 5, together with a beefed-up Author’s Preface, were required.  I got into it again over the last fortnight and thought I had put it all to bed last weekend, only to wake up in the middle of the night with the sure conviction that Chapter 5 was still too weak.   Like the rest of the book, it’s a generalist trying to put together specialist material from within disciplines that don’t speak much too each other.

It was completed on Saturday morning.

I had deliberately left tidying up the references till the end.  My friends, you should never do that!  I was using RefWorks, a perfectly respectable programme, but, to save time, had been using the direct import from Google Scholar for the detail.   The trouble is that I had not realised that Google Scholar was not completing some of the fields – e.g. place of publication, while some of the dates in my text were different to those on Scholar.  Cue 36 hours of slog between Saturday lunchtime (pausing only for a quick visit to my Mum and the recorded pleasure of a rare Scottish victory) and Monday 6pm when the final draft was ready and e.mailed off to Dunedin.  The current estimate is of publication in June rather than autumn, provided we can work through the artwork etc.  At least the cover is already designed … all those lovely coloured pencils….

2nd edition

2nd edition



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