Ten Haikus for Catholics everywhere

An out-of-touch Pope / A church led by men in robes / Faith thus perverted.

K P O’Brien / Cardinal and Archbishop / Let his people down.

Dressed up in splendour / The trappings of powerful wealth / Hide a decayed core.

Faith from our fathers / Charity from our mothers / Abuse from our priests.

Will Church leaders learn / That only those without sin / Can ‘cast the first stone’?

Asking forgiveness / Let all Catholic clergy / Wear ashy sackcloths.

In humility / The Catholic Church must now / Confess and repent.

Honour the women / honour the young boys and men / Clericly abused.

Do penance for sin /Preach no more but listen now / To other voices.

Sell off the riches / Of the Vatican City / And give to the poor.


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