Adam Murphy – one of Time Magazine’s best of 2013!

One of Adam’s contracts as a freelance artist is to write/draw a weekly strip in the children’s comic ‘The Phoenix’ (click here )


This year Time Magazine listed it as 2nd best of the Top 10 Graphic Novels/Comics of 2013 .  Here’s the citation:

The Phoenix:  You can only get it as an iPad subscription in the States, but this weekly British series is aimed straight at 7-to-10-year-olds’ sweet spot: multiple, ongoing adventure and comedy serials, plus how-to-draw features, puzzles and banter from cartoon-animal editors Tabs Inkspot and Bruno Barker. It’s a beautifully executed cluster of variations on the classic Euro-comics tradition, crafted with obvious affection for kids and their parents. Best feature: “Corpse Talk,” in which Adam Murphy interviews the corpses of historical figures from Boudicca to Nikola Tesla.

You’ll get a flavour of Corpse Talk here  or read about Albert Einstein here.

I’m really pleased for Adam.  He took a lot of risks to pursue his dream as a comic artist and he’s worked incredibly hard.  It’s great to see that he’s beginning to get the recognition he deserves!!

PS I think The Phoenix is way better than the one that got the #1 spot!.. not that I am biased or anything…..


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