Eating Vegetarian

A great meal at the vegetarian restaurant, Ginebro, in Inca during our Majorcan holiday last week. The inexpensive menu consisted of two choices for each course a set meal, so we opted for one of each and swopped half way! Never has veggie food tasted so sweet, so subtle. The restaurant was in new premises not far from the centre of Inca but, on a quiet March Tuesday evening was completely empty except for us. Given the number of tables, I presume it will crowd up during the summer.
The fresh organic quality of the food was evident in every bite. The restaurant is run by a family team, themselves vegetarian. Dad was the chef for the evening and popped out to see us later. Mum baked the bread and daughter served the tables. All the fresh produce we ate came was grown by them, save for a few spices and the olive oil. It tasted as though it was straight from the garden. This amount of enthusiasm from me is unusual.
If you are in Majorca, and you are not thinking of visiting Inca (who would? – as Majorca’s third largest city it rates only a quarter page in the Rough Guide, emphasising its industrial qualities as the home of the Majorcan shoe trade), think again and make the effort to go to Ginebro. From the motorway, it’s straight into Inca as far as you can go without turning, then continue on foot through the pedestrian precinct, turning left up Carre Bisbe Llompart., 071 500 209 The restaurant has shifted from the one shown in the picture on tripadvisor. It is now up the street a little into new premises. Menu for the evening:
Home made wheaten bread with sweet black olives dipped in organic olive oil (the oil on the table was fresh and sweet).
Melt-in-the-mouth appetisers of lightly fried flour-crusted green beans, on olive-oil-drenched toast with soft cheese.
Vegetable soup (subtle, herby) or a fresh leafy salad with Majorcan cheese
drizzled with organic olive oil.
A nest of mushrooms, spinach, and beans on thin toasted bread topped with a poached egg or softly stewed artichoke and onion on a bed of polenta.
Peppers stuffed with herby sweet potato on a bed of couscous, topped with a sweet artichoke or spinach and pumpkin roulade with a cauliflower and carrot stew on the side.
Mascarpone cream with a light sponge.
Mint tea.
The best of vegetarian food.
I wish them every success!

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