The Great Race

Regular readers of this blog will know that it would be hard to imagine anyone who is less of a ‘petrolhead’ than me… if Jeremy Clarkson said white, I would be impelled to say black.  Normally I would not walk an extra block out of my way to see a car rally.   However there was something very beautiful about these lovingly restored old cars about to set out on their long journey down the East Coast from Maine to Florida on

If my camera battery had not run out, I might have got a few more of these beauties onto this blog…..    I wasn’t too hot on the identification, or the technical details, but aesthetic appreciation was high.  There was also something emotionally impressive about the enthusiasm and knowledge of the owners and some great family stories behind the projects of restoration and rally as we mingled around the start line and they set off on their first leg today at one minute intervals.

Rally Start

rally start

E Type rear


E Type Engine


E-Type and J-Type

E type and J type

Cream Cadillac


Early 50s Chevvy?

poss  Chevvy

The engine

poss Chevvy engine

Hudson Racer

Green Hudson

Austin Healey

Austin Healey




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