John Macmurray

9780863153617Just finished John Costello’s biography of John Macmurray, which has been a bedtime companion over the Christmas period.

Having been challenged by and learned from Macmurray’s wise philosophical writings over the years, but knowing nothing about the man and his life, I thoroughly enjoyed Costello’s sympathetic and well researched account. He engages with Macmurray’s thinking through his publications, teaching, letters and political activities.

Macmurray was very popular in his lifetime as a teacher within his University setting but also as a teacher more widely through his journalism, activism and radio talks, although within the narrow world of English-speaking philosophers, he was an outsider in wanting to ask and explore the big questions. He is enjoying a bit of a revival at the moment. His Gifford lectures provide the best summary of his thought.  They should be more widely read and discussed.

They were published subsequently as

Persons in Relation Persons in Relation










The Self As Agent self as agent




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