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You can find me on twitter @DannySMurphy.

I got interested in Twitter through a Times Educational Supplement article extolling the virtues of Twitter as a way of getting and keeping in touch with a worldwide network of teaching colleagues interested in similar issues.  Having logged on, I thought it was a great vehicle for my daily ‘diary’.. and also to practise my writing, paying attention to words.  So each day, a Haiku (7:5:7) is going up. How long for, I don’t know…. but it’s a great verbal discipline.  Here they are updated to July 27th.

11 Jan  From my office window

Winter sun soft on the Forth.

High branches rustle.

Starlings flit from branch to branch.


12 Jan   From my office window

The river runs round the field.

The cold earth is still.

Waiting for the sun to rise.


13 Jan    Dawn view, from the early train to Edinburgh

Red feathers float to the sky.

Smoke over Grangemouth.

A Scottish winter morning.


14th Jan    Walk to the Baird Monument by Crieff

Railway cutting outside Crieff.

Tree-strewn.   Disused.   Deep.

Moss bright green always in shade.


15th Jan   A winter Sunday

Cold earth encrusted by frost.

The spade slices through.

Digging up leeks for Sunday soup.


16th Jan    Another office window view

Words grind against other words.

Can’t match the beauty.

Of a casual sunrise.

17th January   The chimney sweeps

Up top long round black brushes.

Sweep clean the chimney.

A squat red vacuum below.


18th January    On the train

E.mail Text Blog Calendar.

To Do List Twitter.

My life on my mobile phone.


19th January    BBC News

A new Boris Island airport.

Sitting in the Thames.

Global warming, rising tides.


20th January     At my desk

Books, paper, techy gadgets.

Pens, pencils, keyboard.

Piled together higgle and piggle.


21st January    Tillicoultry to Dollar

Saturday morning walking.

Harviestoun Home Farm.

Tilly Tea Room to finish.


22nd January   The Premiership

Playing acting posturing.

Leather strikes leather.

The pantomime of football.

23rd January   Exercise

Four girls stretching and straining.

Lavender lycra.

The University gym.


24th January   Exercise again

Two veterans with grey hair.

Puffing and panting.

In search of vanished vigour.


25th January  Exercise again

Hard faces and harder muscles.

Sweaty short cropped hair.

Exercise creatine mix.


26th January  Exercise again

Radio One on speaker.

Twelve sets of headphones.

A creaking cacophony.


27th January  Exercise again

Self consciously not looking.

A quick sideways glance.

High stakes fashion in the gym.


28th January  Exercise again

Up down in out up down in.

In rhythmical time.

Together but so apart.

29th January  Exercise again

Bleach blonde hair red hair no hair.

Reebok Adidas.

Socks shoes pants tees shorts vests hoods.


30th January  Dublin

Stories of independence.

Scotland and Ireland.

Bloody pasts, rosy futures.


31st January   Breakfast Time

The burnt smell of toasted bread.

Hot tea in the pot.

French butter and home made jam.


2nd February   The Keyboard

Index middle index ring.

Index middle thumb.

Words fly from my black keyboard.


3rd February   Online

Google Facebook Mozilla.

Hotmail. The Guardian.

My online start to each day.


4th February  Sally and Iain

Wet ice and snow covering.

Piercing wind blown snow.

Pentland walk in February.

5th February   Celtic Connections

Gretchen Peters growing old

Gerry Rafferty

Julie Fowlis’ voice soars high


6th February

Twang go the country guitars.

Badum badum bass.

The transatlantic sessions.


7th February    Facebook

An old student reunion.

Tengku Mahmood School.

Joyful Facebook messages.


8th February 

My dad was born on this day.

Ninety four years since.

I celebrate his birthday.


9th February

The ten thirty to London.

A long train journey.

Meeting up with Beth and Joan.


10th February

Red brick walls and white porticos.

Icy cold in my bones.

February in London.

12th February

In Highgate Cemetery.

In death as in life.

Karl Marx opposes Spencer.


13th February

Small boys stare at mummies.

Four thousand years old.

ritish Museum midterm.


14th February

“Gotcha!” claim London coppers.

The “Sun’s” just desserts.

Not front page story today


15th February

Five friends meet in local pub.

We drink beer and talk.

Politics, history, life.


16th February

Mum sits at the breakfast table.

A wee old lady.

Heartwarming conversations.


18th February

Walking the Fife Coastal Trail.

Culross to Limekilns.

Very little coast.  Lots of road.


19th February

Stunned by the bright shining sun.

Bouncing off the Forth.

Into my office window.


20th February

Rangers are like all business.

In UK today.

Ready for asset stripping.


21st February

9 million watch on You Tube.

Adele singing her heart.

I watch and shed a sad tear.


22nd February

Melvyn Bragg on In Our Time.

A rebellion.

In eighth century China.


A Moray House seminar.

Writing and reading.

Talking and listening too.


Meeting with Gordon Crandles.

Me coffee him tea.

Happy crowds in Morrison’s.


Meeting up with different people.

Spaces in between.

An awkward sort of today.


24th February

A bright morning in Stirling.

Today there is sun.

Bringing light into our lives.


27th February

My head feels clouded, shrouded.

I hear but dimly.

Sudden sneezes shake my body.


28th February

Every day my throat works.

Today it does not.

Rasping raw red, sandpapered.


29th February

We dominate our planet.

What a thing is man.

The fragility of life


1st March

Solar panels sitting on our roof.

Generating watts.

And they do it every day.


2nd March

Mum sits content in her space.

She is drinking tea.

I show photos and she smiles.


3rd March

On the canal bridge looking

Into the Almond

Gorge and trying not to jump


4th March

Each year the daffodils come.

Their yellow trumpets.

Sounding out filling our hearts


5th March

Listening to “World at One”.

With Martha Kearney.

The BBC at its best.


5th March

Contemporary begging.

Blanket and Daily Mail.

Two mangy dogs are well fed.


8th March

Three hymns two prayers one reading.

Scones and cups of tea.

Women listen as I talk.


9th March

Silvery moonlight on a

Velvety dark sea.

My sleek black silkie calls me.


11th March

Susan, Ann, Elizabeth,

Joan.  Lucky me, to

Eat brunch with them at Circles.


12th March

Another visit to Mum.

She’s sleeping soundly.

I wake her and prattle on.


13th March

Grey clouds and grey Scottish sky.

Muddy brown river.

Greens browns rusty reds abound.


14th March

The cherry tree gave fruit for

Twenty five summers.

Now I have harvested wood.





16th March

Small blue white and yellow bird.

Darts from branch to branch.

Looking for the next sweet cone.


16th March

The Peebles Hydro window.

Looks over round hills.

Brown on green. Sombre. Misty.


19th March

La classe francaise est finie.

L’institut no more.

Mondays will not be the same.


20th March

Fingers whirr but shoulders still.

Neck turning slowly.

Taught muscles and tight fibres.


22nd March

Bright rhododendron flowers.

My mother laughing.

A fine wak in the Botanics.






25th March 2012

At the Lancaster Canal.

The sun was shining.

Mallard ducks and long houseboats.


Minster Lovell in the sun.

The River Windrush.

Green meadows, chirping songbirds.


26th March 2012

Google maps on HTC.

Puts me somewhere else.

Do they know something I don’t?


28th March

A long day in the office.

Shoulders stiffening.

Living my life on a screen.


30th March

Le fleuve est étincelant.

Sounding the story.

Onomatopoeic French.


30th March

French film ‘Kid with a Bike’.

Cyril Samantha.

Pas de Disclosure Clearance.


1st April

Sharpening blades cutting grass.

Humphling things about.

How to tidy a garden.


2nd April

Lord Tennyson and John Keats.

Bell’s Wee McGreegor.

Reading treats for my mother.


4th April

North across the Forth Valley.

Deep clefts in steep braes.

Snow brilliant on the Ochils.


5th April

One hundred and thirty six.

Tweets waiting for me.

Quickly I skim through them all.


7th April

Sue came round to eat with us.

She is inspiring.

Watched the Voice and laughed in life.


13th April

All week SQH marking.

Thick portfolios.

Improving education.


14th April

Early Saturday morning.

Bright sun on the Forth.

Egg roll, coffee, Guardian. Bliss.


15th April

Heart of Midlothian two.

Glasgow Celtic one.

All Edinburgh Final.


17th April

Sun, black stormy clouds, and rain.

A typical day.

In our beautiful Scotland.


19th April

Burly shouldered Ochil hill.

Approached up The Law.

Snow still sits on your North face.




20th April

Natalie Goldberg’s ‘Wild Mind’.

Writing on Writing.

Get rid of the monkey mind.


24th April

My former school prizegiving,

Handing out awards.

What a treat! So positive!


26th April

Walking round the East Gardens.

My grandfather sat.

Watching with a restful mind.


28th April

Witney in the wind and rain.

The River Windrush.

Muddy torrent running high.


30th April

Runny nose, tickly throat, sore head.

Head colds are awful.

Unwell while walking around.

2nd May

Three days solid, interviews.

SQH Course 4.

Learning all the time from them.


4th May

First time holiday in May.

Early tomorrow.

Three weeks in the south of France!


5th May

In security limbo.

Airport shopping hell.

Six hours delay in Nice flight.


30th May

Back in Scotland once again.

Brain kicking back in.

Francais est en l’imparfait.


5th June

Back from holiday one week.

Ten days to catch up.

And I only work part-time!

8th June

Back cycling in the gym.

Six weeks remission.

The heart starts pumping again.


8th June

Vargas Llosa and Amis.

Shriver and Ford.

The Book Review Show on Two.


13th June

Always so impressed by what.

Primary schools do.

Where children can be children.


18th June

Mum waking as I arrived.

The front room Eagle Lodge.

A warm smile of welcoming.


19th June

How I would hate to commute.

By car in the streets.

Of  Edinburgh City.

30th April

Long hours sitting in a car.

My legs start to ache.

Edinburgh  Perth  Dumfries.


22nd June

Three words for my current work.


Evaluation. Eval….


22nd June

Wet wet rain falls in Scotland.

Wet wet water drops.

So much H and H and O.


23rd  June

A cold and windy June day.

Sitting at my desk.

Tidying computer files.


27th June

My pre-operative check.

A young student nurse.

Pricks my arm and draws my blood.

28th June

How to keep the brain working.

As it starts to age.

Connections no longer made.


30th June

Funeral tributes today.

Help you understand.

The person who was and is.


1st July

“I’ve got you where I want you.”

My mother tells me. “Where?”

“In my heart,” she replies.


One hundred haikus.

Have been seven five seven.

Now five seven five


5th July


Thirty thousand useful words.

On S L D P.


8th July

Sunday fixing shelves.

In Anna and Euan’s flat.

That’s what Dad’s are for.


9th July

Enjoying watching.

‘How to build a cathedral’.

Wondrous stories in stone.


10th July

The surgeon’s laser.

Salami slicing tissue.

My operation.


Like a ripe apple.

My prostate has been cored.

Can it behave now?


11th July

The hospital room.

Has white walls and whiter sheets.

I sit and I wait.

Minutes and minutes.

The second hand moves slowly.

Minutes become hours.


The cleaner sweeps round.

Later she brings welcome food.

So so important.


A young student nurse.

Slowly pulls the catheter.

I don’t want it back.


Little did I think.

That I would be so upset.

At losing control.


16th July

Another four days.

My return to Forth Valley.

What will the tests say?




17th July

A watery sun.

Picks out the colours of day.

In central Scotland.


18th July

Troubled families.

Long generations of need.

Few bootstraps to pull.


19th July

Back from hospital

Two steps forward one step back

The right direction.


20th July

Walking round the house

It all comes easily now

Taken for granted.


21st July

Taken for granted?

As always I spoke too soon

Infection returns

22nd July

It’s getting better

Not bad, quite good and now good

But not yet the best


23rd July

Scotland is Rainland

Smirr or skoosh, squall or shower

It’s belting it down


24th July

Brew in warm teapot

Fill rose-patterned china cup

A perfect tea time.


25th July

Green leaves shimmering

Soft wind rustling through the trees

Bathed in evening sun.


27th July

In London bells ring

In Stirling I hear a tinkle

Tinkle little bell



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