My submission to the Labour Party’s Policy Forum

A disaster for the UK, a disaster for Labour

Brexit is the anarchic force that threatens to destroy Labour altogether, wrecking everything constructive in its path. For several generations, Labour has been the ‘broad church’ party that holds together a range of progressive political forces in a coalition to defeat regressive political forces. But Brexit is an issue which cuts through that coalition. In Scotland the combination is even more toxic for Labour. The SNP, a nationalist party, is able to paint itself as the party of internationalism and Labour looks, up here, like a spent force of yesterday’s people, still fighting the battles of last century while the real battle of this century can only be won through international collaboration. From the beginning we should have taken on this toxic debate and promoted internationalism and the collaboration of progressive forces across Europe first and the world beyond in order to fight for social and environmental justice. These are the issues of the future across our planet.  The national-centric myopia of the game we have been drawn into will never suit a progressive party. Red and green must work together for a better sustainable future for all. 

Here in Scotland, the effect of Brexit has been to push the SNP into an unassailable lead and to destroy support for Labour across the country. I will not be the only long standing Labour member (since the 1970s) who voted Green in the European elections in despair at the incompetence and apparent irrelevance of some of our policy positions. But worse than the policy positions by far (they are mainly quite reasonable – it is their limited scope that is often the problem) is the leadership. This is/has been our biggest problem. At UK level, we have a leader who cannot command support across the UK at a time when we have the most appalling Tory party mess-up in living memory led by the worst-ever Prime MInister – that’s how bad his leadership is. Mr Corbyn’s credentials as a man of the left helped him to be an effective ‘conscience of the party’ but it is now clear he lacks many of the skills required of a party leader. How many elections has Mr Corbyn now lost!!!  If he has any regard for the party he serves, he should step aside. At Scottish level, Richard Leonard comes over as a nice man, whom you might trust as a member of your team but not someone who can lead national renewal and certainly not someone capable of denting the national force that is Nicola Sturgeon. The crisis in the Labour Party is not just a crisis of Brexit. It is a crisis of leadership. Neither Mr Corbyn nor Mr Leonard are capable of doing the job required – presenting an exciting vision of a new politics capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century, not those of the 1980s. Red and green must join if we are to bring the younger generation with us towards a vision of a more co-operative, collaborative, sustainable future.

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